Thursday, December 18, 2014

Early season

We've started picking cherries and blueberries. Not a lot and not for long as there is so much fruit still to ripen. The morello cherries are laden, but they can stay on for a little longer as the fruit sits well on the trees - great natural storage.  The young sweet cherries have produced the most delicious fruit.
These are the last of a very small crop of sweet peas. The eat-pea crop was v sad - half the seeds failed to germinate and the plants are small and sparse.  Talking of failure - the alliums were a disaster; garlic small and soggy, leeks "woody".  Most people around here have had similar experiences.

The igloo is filled with tomato plants, basil, eggplants, capsicums, watermelon and rockmelon. And the neighbours pots which they are saving for transplantation next year. The watermelons have taken over - it will be difficult to extract the pots when the time comes!

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