Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Frost and sunshine

Two nights of below zero temps and frost followed by two days of glorious sunshine. 

Pretty weeds unaffected by frost

Rhubarb devastated

but looking pretty nevertheless

A little later, in the sun, the scent from these violets was amazingly strong.

The brassicas drooped amazingly then recovered their upright status as the frost defrosted and the sun shone. Harvesting the potatoes was very warm work despite the temp being only 8C - undoubtedly the sunshine added lots of imaginary heat.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The gorgeousness of sunset

And I nearly missed it - going inside to get the camera!

This was after we discovered the tank - the 22500 litre tank - was EMPTY!  Despite recent rains.  The downpipe connection from roof top to tank had failed, leaving thousands of litres of water to head for the aquifer. Disaster all round and an amazing and unbelievable thing to have happened.  The other unbelievable thing is no rain is forecast for the next few days.