Saturday, May 24, 2014

Farewell Paris, hello London

A miniature Statue of Liberty placed in the middle of the Seine river, in front of a sparkling Eiffel Tower, photographed at 11pm.  Apparently an earlier mayor of Paris, probably De La Noe, thought it would be fun to have the ET light up at odd random hours, but this annoyed residents and tourists alike, so now it sparkles at 11pm and everyone is happy.

Weather wise London has been nicely erratic. This morning it has been sunny wet warm. The Westminster Mile is being run in front of Buck House. Sensibly the owner is away - there's an awful racket going on: 7 races had been held by 10.30am, with another 27 to go.

We're off to sea today - Portsmouth here we come. We'll be sailing between England, Ireland and Wales and we've been promised lots of annoying immigration issues. Interesting - one can travel all through Europe virtually unmolested by customs and immigration, and now ....

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