Saturday, April 19, 2014

How lush is my vegie garden?

Cooler weather is seeing a slight slowing down of produce output, although you wouldn't believe that when you see this.

The best part of the coolth is that zucchini aren't growing so fast and it's easier to catch them before they turn into canoes.

Seems there was a slight problem with eggplant production in the grand nurseries.  Despite the nice label showing traditional purple coloured eggplants, three out of four plants produced the golden eggplants you can see above. A neighbour was so disconcerted by the golden-ness that she pulled all her plants out!  Weird.

A massive (and wonderful) downpour over a week ago caused the black russian tomatoes to split in concentric rings.

Vaguely visible at the top of the pic are purple tomatilloes.  They are becoming huge, finally turning purple and when you peel the "paper" off the inherent stickiness of the fruit leaves fingers stuck together for ages.  Now to find a tomatillo salsa recipe.

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