Saturday, February 15, 2014

I just love weck jars, but

Do you find yourself longing to possess something reasonably mundane and not really necessary to life?

I pine for and hanker after weck jars - their shape is so "I must have that".  They are super expensive here - if you can find anyone willing to distribute them (which is usually in the negative).  Deciding to cut out one of the middlemen I ordered direct from a German distributor.  One jar cost $1.50, the freight for each was $4.  But that's what hankering does to the bank balance.

I rarely have a bottling/jarring/canning seal failure. Until now. The contents are delicious. But, oh weck - what have I done wrong?

Three out of seven is not a good ratio.  The bottom four jars will have to live in the refrigerator until needed. (Excuse the bottle of sparkling - cooling down in prep for a party in the Gardens this afternoon.)

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