Monday, January 13, 2014

What a week

We are picking blueberries. First they were a little tardy because the weather was cool.  Now they are frying because this week's temps are forecast in the range of 40-42C and it's way too hot to pick during the day.  Today we were up at 6am to pick, until 11am when the temp hit 33C. Then while we tried to make lunch all manner of people turned up to buy - ah aircon in cars. 

And when we did get to sit and eat lunch distraction took the form of a wee bunny hanging out under the pear tree.  No photo - it took off faster than the speed of light when the back door creaked open. It could be a little discombobulated - last night it was sitting outside the neighbours' back door and now no sensible rabbit would be out (a) at this time of day and (b) in this heat.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Yellow in a sea of green

First zucchini

Self sown single sunflower