Friday, November 8, 2013


Every day the pain lessens and mobility increases.

Finally set foot in the most amazing bakery with the most delicious breads - The Woodfrog Bakery. It's been open for a year or so. Shopped there again this morning - just want to move in and never leave!

The massive frost over two weeks ago destroyed much new growth at the farm (wisteria, camellia, persimmon, fig, roses) - not good.  But now I'll be there to see the new growth.

The old potato patch is gradually being "renovated", weeds removed as the space is needed for new plants.
Top right is the most divinely scented sweet pea - actually it's all along the fence but hidden by the biggest parsley bush you've ever seen!  In front of the parsley are onions and right at the front are transplanted rhubarbs (need to be lifted and separated every 3-4 years). All other green is weed which will be pulled out when the seedlings are ready for transplanting - that's optimism for you!  That they'll succeed - and their success will be solely due to Faye's careful watering.

And for at least three weeks, we've been blessed with the presence of this young bird.

Today it's raining.

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