Sunday, November 24, 2013

Big weekend

Yesterday I walked 1km to the gardens.  Took twice as long as usual, and didn't have any deleterious after effects.

Today I showered for the first time in months - without a plastic bag on my leg!  And this afternoon I put these on!
Just one problem - there are no active nerves in the flap graft so I can't tell if the boots are causing any aggravation until they are removed.

I've pruned the artemisia, buddleia, some rose branches growing from below the graft. Picked broad beans and rhubarb. Exclaimed with delight at discovering the first flower buds on the lemon tree since it was skeletonised.  Only four buds, but they are huge - fingers crossed another heavy frost doesn't hit.

Boots off now - don't dare push my luck.

It's become a lovely sunny warm day.

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