Thursday, November 28, 2013

My new hands - or hands free - or pick till your back breaks

A friend recently made this great bag - sits around your waist and frees your hands for picking, pruning, carrying tools, whatever.

This time the bag is filled with broad beans.
 Want one of your own?  Go here or email Kerry.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Is it possible to distil essence of sweetpea?

I'm wondering if one could bottle sweetpea deliciousness, the way rose/orange water is made?

Portuguese Laurel bottom pics, pretty but no scent - think I might have had the lens on back to front, to give the circular format!
Taken with the iphone and muku shuttr - a kickstarter project I supported.  Waiting with bated breath for the next kickstarter project to arrive in the post - astro time lapse and motion control.  Plan to set the camera up in the orchard and record a day's activities; will probably set the tripod around knee height so Angelo and Engelbird are captured.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Big weekend

Yesterday I walked 1km to the gardens.  Took twice as long as usual, and didn't have any deleterious after effects.

Today I showered for the first time in months - without a plastic bag on my leg!  And this afternoon I put these on!
Just one problem - there are no active nerves in the flap graft so I can't tell if the boots are causing any aggravation until they are removed.

I've pruned the artemisia, buddleia, some rose branches growing from below the graft. Picked broad beans and rhubarb. Exclaimed with delight at discovering the first flower buds on the lemon tree since it was skeletonised.  Only four buds, but they are huge - fingers crossed another heavy frost doesn't hit.

Boots off now - don't dare push my luck.

It's become a lovely sunny warm day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Strawberries - first of the season

Not counting the one which was picked (and immediately eaten) yesterday.
It's pouring rain, the fire is burbling quietly and the strawberries smell divine. 

A weird melange of seasons - heat = strawberries, cold = fire. And the fire looks amazing when the glass door is clean!

Friday, November 8, 2013


Every day the pain lessens and mobility increases.

Finally set foot in the most amazing bakery with the most delicious breads - The Woodfrog Bakery. It's been open for a year or so. Shopped there again this morning - just want to move in and never leave!

The massive frost over two weeks ago destroyed much new growth at the farm (wisteria, camellia, persimmon, fig, roses) - not good.  But now I'll be there to see the new growth.

The old potato patch is gradually being "renovated", weeds removed as the space is needed for new plants.
Top right is the most divinely scented sweet pea - actually it's all along the fence but hidden by the biggest parsley bush you've ever seen!  In front of the parsley are onions and right at the front are transplanted rhubarbs (need to be lifted and separated every 3-4 years). All other green is weed which will be pulled out when the seedlings are ready for transplanting - that's optimism for you!  That they'll succeed - and their success will be solely due to Faye's careful watering.

And for at least three weeks, we've been blessed with the presence of this young bird.

Today it's raining.