Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rehabilitation - mine

Hard work never hurt anyone - so "they" say.  And yesterday seemed like hard work.

Pruning - but could only manage pencil thick branches with the secateurs; using the pruning saw was so much easier.  Equals - lots more exercise to strengthen the right wrist.

Weeding - see par above!

Crawling around under the very nasty lemon tree - it has thorns 2cm long and lots of ants.  The ants farm scale etc which creates vast areas of sooty mould.  So there I was lying on the ground spreading an amazing substance called Tree Guard around the trunk to prevent access to more ants.  A couple of years ago the sooty mould became uncontrollable so the tree was skeletonised - much to the neighbours' annoyance - no more lemons for them to liberate.

The reward was two fold - muscles rediscovering their ability to function and hanging out in the orchard which is chokkas with apple, pear, cherry, blueberry blossoms.  And - already there is some cherry and pear set. Let's hope the fruit stays on the trees.

After tea I started knitting a dishcloth. After reading this article.  Good for wrist flexibility.

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