Monday, October 28, 2013

Watch and wonder

This is an incredible piece of filmmaking, dedication and art. Truly sublime.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rehabilitation - mine

Hard work never hurt anyone - so "they" say.  And yesterday seemed like hard work.

Pruning - but could only manage pencil thick branches with the secateurs; using the pruning saw was so much easier.  Equals - lots more exercise to strengthen the right wrist.

Weeding - see par above!

Crawling around under the very nasty lemon tree - it has thorns 2cm long and lots of ants.  The ants farm scale etc which creates vast areas of sooty mould.  So there I was lying on the ground spreading an amazing substance called Tree Guard around the trunk to prevent access to more ants.  A couple of years ago the sooty mould became uncontrollable so the tree was skeletonised - much to the neighbours' annoyance - no more lemons for them to liberate.

The reward was two fold - muscles rediscovering their ability to function and hanging out in the orchard which is chokkas with apple, pear, cherry, blueberry blossoms.  And - already there is some cherry and pear set. Let's hope the fruit stays on the trees.

After tea I started knitting a dishcloth. After reading this article.  Good for wrist flexibility.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A mixed bag

Brush cut under the olive trees - "grass" a metre high.

Nectarine trees struck by leaf curl.

Angelo escaped from the orchard and made his usual run to visit the neighbours.

The Bali resort has been "mended" (adapted?), using some of the previous material but different design.

Chatham Island forget me nots, azaleas, wisteria and lilacs are flowering. Gorgeous rhododendron buds about to burst out into their amazing glorious colours.

Missed the daffodils and camellias flowering. Spent camellia flowers aren't the prettiest especially as they are a reminder that it's time to prune the bushes (which are as big as trees so a cherry picker is essential equipment!)

Sowed seeds of sweet and lemon basils, san marzano tomato, black zucchini, wee pickling cukes, tomatillo purple, peppers, pomodoro corbarino, eggplant black italia.  Now have to rely on others to keep them alive while I luxuriate in hospital, again.

Christened the new Stockli raclette grill. Australian raclette is nothing like Swiss raclette - pity. Swiss raclette when heated stays delightfully runny, blending with one's chosen companion ingredients. Australian raclette turns into hard "plastic" sheets. And it's seriously expensive. Tastes fine, but doesn't behave appropriately. More experimenting necessary.

Newly sighted little robins - green/grey body with bright red heads and tails.  How do birds know about cameras?  If there's no camera in reach they sit on the fence for ages; if the camera appears they disappear in a blink.  These pics will have to do for now - shaky hands and through dirty glass window!

Just discovered - it's a red browed finch

It's lovely to be back at the farm, even if the body isn't capable of pulling its weight yet.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Finally - back at the farm after three months' absence.  Everything is in bud, weeds are rampant, grass knee high (not really - close to).  And then we were hit with massive winds the day before yesterday and more forecast for today.  Not good news for pollinating and fruit set. Another interesting growing year ahead.

The chooks Bali Resort collapsed the other day. Now all they have for shelter is the McMansion, which is way too tall to provide them with cover against driving rain.  The builder has suggested another small structure.  But that's presuming that our lovely bird-brains have the sense to use it; they rarely sheltered in the "resort".

Despite the wind and rain the farm manager is insisting on weeding and collecting cut grass.  If he were any where else he'd be sensibly sitting in warmth, reading his ipad. Silly bugger!

It's good to be back, but also frustrating as I'm not fully recovered - the arm is only about 75% strength and quickly gives out, and the legs soon indicate their dislike of standing.  Oh well - slowly does it, I guess.