Thursday, May 2, 2013

Apples and quinces

This year has seen all (four) quince trees producing prolifically. Apparently there is a shortage of quinces generally, and we are getting lots of comments about how prolific the trees appear.

Different apple trees have fruited this year. Roundway magnum bonum and King of Tompkins County especially.
King of Tompkins and cydonia oblonga (quince)

King of Tompkins

Roundway magnum bonum

Roundway magnum bonum
King of Tompkins County is a large, crimson-striped, juicy and sweet apple with a greasy skin.  It is highly prized for sauce- and pie-making due to its overall flavour.

Roundway magnum bonum is an old Wiltshire apple that you might consider if you are interested in historic varieties. It is large, prominently ribbed, slightly flushed with a little russet and a remarkable and distinct pear-like taste. Best eaten fresh as it seems to lose its flavour when cooked.  Raised by Mr Joy, head gardener at Roundway Park, near Devizes, it was first brought to public notice in 1864.

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