Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zucca delights

 Zucca lagenaria da pergola lunghissima on the left = 5kg and zucca lunga di Napoli on the right = 11kg.  The farm manager in the centre!
This (above) is what's in the centre of this (below).  Late zucca lunga di Napoli flowers.  Given that these plants are of southern Mediterranean extraction, they are growing magnificently in the highlands of central Victoria.
Two very large zucca lagenaria etc have formed and more fruit is still forming - the young ones are about 10cm at the moment.  Will they reach maturity? They are supposed to be late fruiting plants - but this is probably a bit late.

Click here to see how these types of plants were grown at Epcot - I started out by raising the plants from the ground - to just over a metre high - and failed miserably as they took off across the countryside.  If we manage viable seeds maybe the next few months can be spent constructing a gigantic pergola in readiness for next year's crop.

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