Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Around the farm

Blueberry season has officially ended and the farmgate closed.  But one of us is determined to exceed last year's pick before declaring seasonal submission - and the temp each and every day for the past week has been over 30C+.  Needless to say, it's not me who's out in the heat being silly.

Apples and pears are coming up to ripening.

Plums - golden coe, prune ziegler,  prune splendour and damson are ripening and falling from the trees at a great rate.  They taste super scrumptious, so juicy and sweet.
Golden coe


I've dried some of the prunes - still delish.

The stupice tomatoes finally came good and we've picked around 20kg.  Some went to the tomato sauce maker, and some allowed us to play at being Italian yesterday - we (me and the neighbours) made passata.
Roberto squooshing tomatoes into paste


The coolroom is still full of nectarines. Pruned the trees the other day - better late than never?  Some of the damage was quite extreme.

Corn a waste of space - not enough water and way too much heat.  Aubergines coming along nicely, only I picked some before they were fully ripe.  Gardening sins are getting a great workout this year!

And the beautiful boys are still cheeping and squawking.  Guinea fowl are highly recommended for pest controlling, live nature "documentary" watching and all round amusement.  They are becoming slightly - ever so slightly - closer; maybe in about 10 years we'll be able to sit together and chat about the day's doings.

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