Friday, January 18, 2013


As the trees have grown in the netted orchard, so the micro-climate has changed.  There's enough bulk now to provide a buffer against the strong generally cold southerly winds.  Plus, one cannot forget, it really does appear that the weather/climate is changing - a few years ago the heat was in early March, then from about four years ago it was during February, and this year the heat has struck early in January.  Hopefully over time the fruit trees will adapt to the changes and will continue to produce delicious fruit.

These are our first apricots.  The previous owner planted an apricot tree which never produced and we pulled out.  This is a moorpark.  Initially we doubted the fruit would be any good; it was covered in hard brown spots.  Doesn't look too bad now, does it? 

These plums are so pretty as they ripen. Think they are a prune ziegler.

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