Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random pics from a visit to Lambley

Lambley is a nursery at Ascot - sweeping dry country plains in central Victoria.  It's the sort of place you spend your time either groaning with desire or groaning in despair that you'll never achieve anything like it.  Still a fab place to visit!  The dry garden display - where a lot of these photos were taken - is always inspiring.

 Following were taken in the propagating beds.

Tomatoes encased in wire mesh.  The mesh squares are wide enough to take a tomato-searching hand, but I'm not sure about the concept.

 This asparagus is over a metre high and the spears have a huge girth!

 Bit of a tilt going there.
Bought some very tiny versions of this.  Gorgeous to view, dangerous to touch.  Eryngium bourgatii "Oxford Blue".

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