Sunday, December 30, 2012

A day of interesting things

When I let go of the starter cord for the brushcutter it slammed back into the poor little finger which has already endured so much breakage and change.  Massive pain and bruise but seemingly no other damage.

The hives have gone to "hospital".  Which is why the brushcutter was out - first chance in a couple of months to slice down the now v high weeds.  Bees don't like big buzzy things around them.

Two birds in the currant netting - despite the fort knox enclosure. How do they do it?

Farm gate has opened - three buyers in the first two hours after the sign went out on the main road. Good fun persuading people that they don't want half a kilo of blueberries, they really want at least a kilo - the minimum we prefer to sell.

Have purloined a wonky wooden table, slightly de-wonked it, and set out to paint the top with chalkboard paint. The table is to display/sell blueberry punnets and freshly baked biscuits made by the kitchen tenant.  Last time the paint was acrylic - easy to clean up and dry in no time.  Guess who didn't read the label on this can of paint - b----y stuff is NOT acrylic, messy clean up (including me) and will undoubtedly capture insects as the drying time is 4-6 hours, not the 4-6 minutes of acrylic (slight exaggeration, but you get my point).

And there are still many more working hours in the day!  What other wonderful thing/s will happen?

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