Thursday, November 22, 2012

Look at me, look at me

New Croc thongs to match the sweet peas, peonies, cistus, roses ......  I don't think my feet actually look that weird - took the pic inside.

Am wearing my ultrathin lightweight summer trews as I need to dry quickly - have just been checking the irrigation and the best way to do that?  Wander around in the middle of the spray!  It's quite warm, so scarcely a hardship.

Have been re-loading the masking tape with tree guard.  Heavens that stuff is weird but sooooo effective.  For some reason the aphids fly into the laden masking tape - not that I'm complaining; fewer to attack the new leaf growth (although if you didn't see the now black masking tape you wouldn't believe there has been a reduction in the aphid population).  The hanging yellow cardboard coated in tree guard is capturing the sawflies, so hopefully there'll be fewer pear and cherry slugs.  But again - if you didn't have the evidence you wouldn't believe in reduced population.

The "grass" is starting to dry out - no rain for the past two weeks.

I'd say the fruit is coming along a treat but that would be tempting fate. So I'll leave you work out how delighted we are with the huge number of tiny tiny nectarines and peaches.  Only one fig sighted so far, and there won't be many pears this year - it's an off-year.  About two-thirds of the apples are having a quiet time this summer - that's ok.  Sometimes there's just too much goodness growing.

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