Sunday, October 14, 2012

More pain

The day of the bee sting a single ant inflicted 6 - SIX - bites on my shoulder.  How can something so small cause so much pain?  It's taken almost a week for the itch/swelling of all bites and stings to go away.

And then yesterday, while pulling out an old kangaroo apple, I was a bit macho with the pushing and pulling and tore a chest muscle.  A bummer, as the willow saplings need to be removed and the pain is too much at the mo.

A warning - never plant willows where you don't want them eventually/permanently.  I planted two dozen in the igloo 18 months ago, thinking I'd transfer them later, maybe to create a living fence.  Didn't get around to it (of course) and now discover that their roots are way thicker and longer than the sapling trunks.

Moan moan! Pathetic, eh?

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