Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Macro views

The profusion of buds demands that the macro lens gets an airing.
Cox's orange pippin buds

Blueberry flower hanging by a thread

Quince - love the veining
Quince "candle" - see fuzz on the bud and leaves?

Different cherry


Grevillea - can you see the fine spider web threads on either side?

Wisteria bud

Slightly more wisteria bud
Three cherry trees - smaller on the right is a morello, the other two are from the original orchard and species unknown.  The centre tree, known as Warren's tree (because that was the first tree he picked when visiting the orchard), is covered in blossom still - we're hoping this variable weather is not detrimental to fruit budding.

Last summer there was a terrible infestation of aphids on the young leaf shoots and cherry fruit. This year phacelia will be sown under the cherry trees.  Have just sown the seeds in pots - hope they germinate in time to do their work.

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