Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A mowing is long overdue

Because it's spring grass and other green stuff is growing at a great rate.  And the poor bees have had a very hard time getting back into their hives after foraging forays.  So the beekeeper came over to mow the green stuff and impart another lesson in the life of bees. 

It's cool, overcast and windy today so not a lot of bees are out and about.  Having said that, you should have seen them race back to the hives once the entrances were cleared.
John moving the hives so he can mow

Looking for the queen - seems she decamped into the apartment below when the hive was opened

These are the quiet kids on the block
I got to insert a frame of honey, all by myself!  Despite blossom all over the place, there's not enough honey for the hive so they get food delivered by John.  This time it was honey; sometimes it's sugar water (1kg sugar to 1 litre water).  Steve Benbow uses fondant - easier to handle because it's in a slab which can be left on top of the frames (where the excluder is in the photo immediately above).

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