Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A word of warning

Always always make sure you keep your lavender pruned!  Or you'll end up with "branches" 2m long - 1.8m of hard wood and the rest newish growth.
Two long rows of lavender bushes are no more. It's amazing how much land can now be reclaimed for growing other plants.  Generally I'm really good at imitating Peter Cundall - prune and prune hard - but sometimes the plant wins and it's not always to its benefit.  Resolution - keep the lavender pruned!!

This wattle tree in the next paddock is probably one of the sources of pollen and nectar for the new gang.

Today is cold and extremely windy.  So not a wee bee to be seen.  Being a newbie at this game, I was immediately on the phone to the beekeeper - who thought it was a hoot that I seemed to be panicking.  I wasn't, just wanted to be sure of my facts!  I'd assumed that they'd be sensible and not leave the hives in the high winds.

Am reading a great book - The Urban Beekeeper by Steve Benbow. It chronicles a year of beekeeping as he increases his urban beekeeping sites in London.  Well worth reading, generally and as a beekeeping manual.

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