Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Idle hands (mine) make me twitchy, so I decided to look for knitting needles which haven't been used for decades - sure that they hadn't been given away.  But now I'm not so sure because I've just delved through four large boxes of things - things that were packed away 19 years ago when we moved; things which haven't seen the light of day since; things which show my interests haven't changed much at all in that time; things that show those same interests have not been pursued for nearly two decades.  That's a lot of procrastination.

Chinese and Japanese artifacts.

The most amazing collection of sewing gee gaws and decorations.

Tiny statues and trinkets.

Two pairs of exquisite shoes - in two decades those shoes haven't changed but the feet have - spending most days barefoot has seen narrow feet become somewhat spread under the weight of time and increasing avoirdupois.

But no knitting needles.

And no photos because after the oohs and aaahs of amazement everything was quickly put back and reshelved.  What does that mean?  No going back? Shouldn't these things of beauty be shared? Will they sit in the cupboards for another two decades? Why am I keeping them at all?

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