Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today's goodies

Do you like fava beans (broad beans)? I'm v much on the fence about them. Great as a dip, vile if not peeled well. Have come across this article by guru Harold McGee which might help swing me onto the good side.  He recommends adding a little baking soda to the boiling water when cooking the broadbeans - the little treasures shuck themselves!

And how amazing is this project? An interactive digital woodland at the Tate Modern. Hope they don't mind the theft of their image.

Made tahini and almond biscuits based on a recent recipe on David Lebovitz's site. Used a ma'amoul mold - sort of worked. Ma'amoul are Middle Eastern biscuits filled with dates, walnuts, pistachio - mine weren't. We'll get to that eventually!

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