Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family entertainment

It was the first day of summer, very hot and massive (musical) celebrations were happening all over France.  We had 10 hours until our plane left Marseille.  The airport is minimal, but it's clean and cool.  We'd been warned about the huge crowds in town - pickpockets, problems with getting around on public transport, road closures .... so we elected to camp at the airport.  I know - poor sense of adventure.

But the time gave us plenty of opportunity to survey the locals.  And that was interesting.

 The baby in the pram, the baby's parents, the grandparents and an extremely well behaved dog spent several hours at the airport.  Chatting, eating and playing cards.  Then they up and left to go home.  And they weren't the only people observed doing that.

Hadn't thought of heading out to an airport for light entertainment.

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