Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paleis Het Loo

There was a little inter-country hopping on the first couple of days' travel.  We  embarked the ship/boat in Amsterdam and cruised to Dusseldorf, from where we then coached back to the Netherlands to discover the delights of Floriade in Venlo.  The waterway is a canal linking Amsterdam to the Rhine.

Pleached trees on the wharf at Dusseldorf - pity about the graffiti
We were told that the Dutch word "loo" is nothing like the colloquial English word it resembles - it means "in the field".  And the gardens at Paleis Het Loo are some fields!  And Loo is pronounced low as in cattle lowing.

Het Loo is the grandest historic garden in the Netherlands.  Massive sunken gardens, Italian-style cascades, fountains, statues, urns, balastrading, the King's Garden and the Queen's Garden (both very different) and beautiful walkways.  It's very structured and ordered and yet - in some areas - feels quite domestic.
Gate leading from the palace to the gardens

Bear relaxing in the Queen's Garden

Bear riding a horse fountain

How do they cut this lawn?

A quiet moment of contemplation.

This sign says
" Dear visitor
Please do not throw sand in the basins
Do not walk among the flower beds"
A very old book in the King's Library

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