Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kasteel Rosendael

Kasteel Rosendael dates from about the same time as Paleis Het Loo, and the royal architect Daniel Marot advised on both properties. But they are very different.  Rosendael is smaller, more "domestic", started out baroque and ended up more rococo.  The guides love their property and that comes across in spades.  Water features abound, and the guides have great fun with the trick fountains, soaking (in summer only) unsuspecting visitors.
Orangerie (and cafe)

150 year old tulip tree



This caused some comment - felt fortunately

The shell gallery

Very small portion of the shell gallery
The shell gallery is considered the real sensation - a semicircular wall with niches, fountains, benches and a pavilion all intricately patterned with shells, stones and coloured glass.
Thuja plicata
This tree is over 150 years old - and it is one single tree. The photo was taken from within the branches. An almost underground spring and stream is sited nearby, ensuring a constant supply of water. The tree trunk is fenced off these days -  it has been a "sacred fertility site" for decades and the wear and tear of anxious parents-to-be has had to be stopped!

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