Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spooky - or just plain beautiful?

This unseasonal weather has produced amazing pink skies in the evening. Tonight was no exception. Wasn't sure that I'd be able to capture the pink glow - looks like I have!

Opened the farm gate today for sale of apples and pears.  Great response - managed to sell way more than that - tomatoes, rhubarb, potatoes, red cabbage, strawberry jam, preserved cabbage.  It's great to meet people who want quality produce straight from the ground/tree/whatever.

Spent time raking up chestnut husks - the sulphur crested cockatoes have caused major havoc with the four nut trees - these trees are about 50 years old and way way too tall for netting.  Have collected three buckets of chestnuts - not my favourite produce, simply because of the amount of work necessary to get to the core of the matter.  But one of the people shopping this morning is madly keen on chestnuts and recommended that they be boiled in slightly salted water. So I'll give that a go.  The few times I've tried to "work" with them it has been roasting - seems that might be the hard way, in more ways than one.

Sore from sunburn - in the middle of autumn!

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