Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rain rain go away

Weird weather - and psychologically we're not quite ready for winter.  Yesterday it was sun, rain, hail, sun, hail, rain rain rain ... and cold.  So except for quick forays out when the sun appeared (and we got soaked every time) we've been confined to the house for the past two days, and the boys have been stuck under the Bali resort. They are very stoic.

What to do?

Kitchen things - that's what to do.

Chestnut soup from here - the rosemary pesto was a brilliant idea.  Didn't use cream though - seemed unnecessary, and the chestnuts make for a thick soup.

Pear paste in the slow cooker - that's actually been slowly stewing for three days and just won't turn into solid paste. I even cheated by adding some pectin - needn't have bothered as it didn't make any difference.  It's become very dark brown as the sugar caramelised, tastes very peary and will have to be slathered on stuff when the jars are opened.  Possibly can still be a condiment to accompany cheeses. We'll see.  Sauce for ice cream next summer?

Cracked about 4 kg walnuts to freeze the kernels.  It's only weeks away from the new season nuts and last year's walnuts should have been used long ago.  It's just that laziness set in - cracking nuts can be so tedious; this year's purchase will be kernels and not whole nuts.

Stewed apples.

Gazed at the gorgeous, huge, sweet figs and decided they would have to be consumed fresh.

Made Anzac biscuits from here - just to see if I could, and because I have to create a repertoire of sweet nibbles for next month's photographic project.  No - not food photography, people photography. Biscuits are for bribery.
 Cheerfulness on this bleak day.

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