Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mysterious objects

Eggs laid on stalks on the back of mandarin tree leaves. How clever is that?  I'm sure I won't be so admiring when the offpsring eat everything in sight, but until then I'll admire nature's ingenuity.  Do try to ignore the massive amount of sooty mildew - I have sprayed with hort oil - way too late; now the mandarin and lemon trees are coated in the terrible stuff.
And what do we have here? A sudden, beautiful and unexplained appearance in the kitchen garden.

Later - the penny has just dropped.  It's a nerine! (Remembered before reading the comment - so happy that my diagnosis is confirmed.) The bulbs were planted years ago - talk about slow developer.  Have cleared away masses of  pyrethrum and exposed another nerine, crocus and lupin.

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Anonymous said...

Is it a form of nerine?