Thursday, April 12, 2012

All things Bright

Have just got back from visiting friends in Bright - freezing clear nights and gorgeous sun-filled days.  Not only were the days filled with sun, they were filled with food, food, food.  I was reminded that for Italians food comes first, then family, then friends, then .....

Returned with two loaves of the most delicious bread, dough for making pizza, lactarius deliciosus (pine mushrooms), and THE recipe for torrone.  Many years ago I joined the (borrowed) aunts as they sweated over  torrone pots in Perugia and in the brief moments recovering one's breath made sure I took down the recipe - which I used often, then mislaid.  It has been resurrected - and will soon appear in a most delightful memoir / cook book (more info closer to publication).
Bread - obviously

Pine mushrooms - great for bruschetta topping

Work in progress - lots more was added

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