Thursday, March 8, 2012

The joys of op-shopping

It's a wonderful thing to shop in opportunity shops in the country.

The products are different, the "sales girls" are delightful women and one comes home with arms full of things that might come in handy one day.
 There was another book but it was so terrible that it was "accidentally" left behind; and the apples are from an old tree down the road (still to discover what type of apples).

Forgot to include in the photo the cut glass decanter which will be a classy dispenser of home made lemon cordial.
Some things were from Avoca and others from Maryborough.  As previously the women in the Avoca op shop were difficult to deal with - they wouldn't raise their prices to something that looked vaguely realistic.

Originally I thought the tins would be useful to store small irrigation bits but a couple of them I've fallen in love with - especially the fruit one next to the christmas goose.

The other pleasure of shopping in op shops is seeing how much you can get away with, while the dearly beloved is hurrumphing behind you muttering "we don't need that". He bought the double steamer and found the faux-crocs!

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