Monday, March 5, 2012

Incredible Edible Todmorden

Have you by chance come across Todmorden?

I've never been there, and had never heard of it until recently. But boy do I admire the residents.

This small market town in West Yorkshire, in the UK, is planning to be 100% self-sufficient in food by 2018. This is only six years away!

Seventy vegetable beds around the town are supplying the locals with their vegetable and herb needs.

Here are some words stolen from their website:

The ethos is not about me me me. It is about us us us, thru the shared medium of food and towards a sustainable, survivable future. 

We need strong communities to weather the tough times that we believe are coming. We need to re invent the collective skills of community.  People that can rise to the challenges of the future without waiting for “the powers that be” to do the thinking and acting for us.

For that we need to take risks, to learn to not always ask permission, to step out of comfort zones risking embarrassment or worse in order to do what we know is right and necessary.

Initiative taking, leading by doing, generosity and sharing, these are keystones.

You will find us sharing land, looking for new ways to be giving and receiving.

There is some pain in learning to share, but a lot more to gain. This is as much a campaign about behavior change, a cultural shift, as it is about growing leeks.

So, yes, we worry about peak oil, and global warming but we dream of a future where we might have to work harder and live on less but have fuller lives and fuller hearts.

There's a great article here in the Daily Mail.

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