Friday, February 17, 2012

Successful op-shopping

A favourite activity when time and location permits is browsing in op-shops.  This, combined with the habit of gleaning (this morning it was three v good garden stakes from the kerbside) and saving things "because you never know" ...  means that there are always intriguing objects lying around to annoy others.  Most things do get used - even if it takes 20 years!

Today the Salvos rendered up:
- a silk blouse - no idea if it fits but it's silk and ripe for dyeing - maybe with blueberries
- a pouring spoon
- a large, lipped heavy duty pot - formerly used for jam making?

and a picnic hamper.
A feeling of good will all around - they got the money and I got the goodies.  Think I might paint the basket white - after a good pressure clean, there's dust in every crevice.

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