Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where's Jacob's ladder when you need it?

Blue runner beans have finally taken off - and off - and off.  These pics were taken last week - the plants have now doubled back on themselves, as Jacob's ladder wasn't available for support.  Gorgeous purple beans (I know - they are called blue beans) are appearing at a great rate.

And for contrast, here's some corn.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Successful op-shopping

A favourite activity when time and location permits is browsing in op-shops.  This, combined with the habit of gleaning (this morning it was three v good garden stakes from the kerbside) and saving things "because you never know" ...  means that there are always intriguing objects lying around to annoy others.  Most things do get used - even if it takes 20 years!

Today the Salvos rendered up:
- a silk blouse - no idea if it fits but it's silk and ripe for dyeing - maybe with blueberries
- a pouring spoon
- a large, lipped heavy duty pot - formerly used for jam making?

and a picnic hamper.
A feeling of good will all around - they got the money and I got the goodies.  Think I might paint the basket white - after a good pressure clean, there's dust in every crevice.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Glowing garden

The cycle of life ..

 If only you could smell the glorious fragrance of this rose ...
As flowers age the variation in color is always intriguing.
This backhousia citriodora lived many years in a tiny pot. The plant's feeling of excitement at having a new wide world to explore was quite tangible, and when you wander past that sensation still vibrates.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New produce on the way

The zucchini are all weighing in around 1.9kg - seems I never get to the Z patch in time to collect "normal" sized fruit.

In comparison, the first of the lebanese eggplant have started fruiting. Cute and deep deep purple. 

Something is wrong with one of the Apollo tomatoes. 

The upper stems and flower buds look as though they are on steroids and the new leaves are tiny and pink.  However - the fruit below is humungous, but green still.  The donor of these plants kindly left 2kg of bright red ripe Apollos with us the other day. It will be weeks before this fruit ripens.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things seen around

A rabbit racing around the yard = bad news.

A rather startled owl hammering on the window.

These immense blueberries - so late in the season. And yummy as well.