Thursday, January 19, 2012

The neighbours

The other night we had quite a bit of rain, so were unable to pick blueberries until the sun dried them out.  A walk around the neighbourhood was in order.

These three we'd met a week or so before. 
L-R brown alpaca, black alpaca, sheep
As soon as you approach the fence the two alpacas and the sheep (the one they are guarding??) race to greet you.  Last time both alpacas demanded food (none) and then vigorous rubs along their long necks and under the chin.

 For some reason they don't like being photographed, but the attraction of interaction keeps the brown one around.

I should have realised something was going to happen - something I wouldn't enjoy.  The black stared intently at me, all the while chewing - then suddenly I was subject to a huge blast of spittle and ground grass full frontal face.  Scientists measuring the forward thrust would have been impressed. I wasn't wearing glasses - removed them to take the photos, hadn't I? - so I had rather painful eyes for the rest of the day.  The upside?  Didn't smell too bad!  Obviously fresh grass and recently created saliva.

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