Monday, January 2, 2012

Hot hot hot

Soooo hot. 
 We've gone from kilos of strawberries a day to five or six a day.
And the blueberry crop has gone from half a dozen berries to tens of kilos a day. Wouldn't be so much of a problem if the weather weren't so hot. The flip side of course is more heat = more sugar = even more delicious blueberries.  And as that is just what we want, we can't complain about the weather.

We believe blueberry eaters should be gluttons, none of this "I'll have one or two".  So the smallest quantity for sale is one kilo.  So far only one person has exhibited signs of parsimony.  Sad. She thought we were just trying to sell as much as we could - what she failed to understand was that it is impossible to stop at one or two, so why disappoint yourself with a wee handful?  Buy lots and be happy (not to say, healthy as well)!

We meet all manner of delightful people with this selling lark!

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