Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Palermo fresh food markets

Where markets in Palermo are concerned, ignore the guide books - it seems many of the "writers" haven't actually experienced the state of Palermo's three major markets.  Vucceria reads as though it is THE open air food market to browse.  It isn't. It's small, sad, apparently decreasing in stallholders all the time.    Capo market sells dry goods and linens, toys, kitchen gadgets etc, as well as food. BallarĂ², however, still treats the visitor with sights, sounds and smells from from ancient times.
Zucchine lunghe - about 1m in length!
The zucchine lunghe appeared mostly in western Sicily - as we travelled east there were fewer and fewer in the markets.  Due to Australian quarantine regulations we weren't able to bring seeds back with us. If you know of anyone in Australia who grows these amazing, intriguing vegetables and who is willing to share seed, please get in touch!
Leaves of zucchine lunghe - used as a veg in their own right

Probably razza/arzilla (thornback ray - Raja clavata) - they are tiny

Sole trader with a single product! Borlotti beans.

Gorgeous eggplants.

Colourful peppers.

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