Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Cefalù is an interesting and pleasant seaside town on the north of Sicily - well worth spending a few days there.  Roman, Byzantine and Arab rulers have all left their mark.

Fishermen post their wishes for a safe and successful fishing expedition on this wall. Bottom left was a sign saying don't remove the stars!  It was heeded - only the sign was removed.
A waxing crescent moon.
Strange cheese shapes. Not to be eaten.  They are created once every seven years for a festival - then spend the next six years on display.
This is someone's private studio - wide open to the street, but the board (indecipherable here) stated that it was a private working space and not to be entered. 
We had dinner one night on a restaurant pier.  The night was gorgeous, the food prolific and tasty, the feral cats many ......

An aside - feral cats are everywhere in Sicily, and are frequently seen wandering in/through churches, but they always appeared well cared for and healthy.

 Very bad distant shot - no tripod.

The rocks below. Dramatic pic??
A street. And I didn't wait for the street to be empty of humans - obviously it was that time of day!

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