Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nature in a rush

Currawongs have created a new club house in the compost bins.  Most mornings they gather around, calling each other to come and glean.  Their songs/calls are very distinctive and can be heard long distance.

Delivery of lucerne/grass for laying in the blueberry orchard on our return.  This young man lives down the road - tall, handsome with the most beautiful blue eyes.  Loves to stand around and talk.  And very proud of the fact that the tractor "can turn on a sixpence" - only I don't think he's ever seen a sixpence!

Daffodils intact - proof of turning ability!

Apricot blossom

Blossom on one of the many varieties of blueberries in the orchard.

Another variety of blueberry blossom.

Blossom on one of the few evergreen blueberries.

Luminous - rampant - borage.

Angelo (left) and Engelbird (right - formerly known as Engelbert)

Coppiced willow starting to sprout.
Medlar bud



Quinces (there are two but it's difficult to distinguish from this angle)

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