Monday, September 5, 2011


I wanted to write more about our Vietnam/Cambodia trip, but then I came across these blog entries and didn't have the heart to go any further.  They niggle at the unease I felt throughout the trip - lovely people, daunting histories, appalling conditions, interesting landscapes.  But ....  What is real?  How do these people survive?  What difference does our tourist presence make (as in good difference, not the usual destructive difference)? How can the rampant corruption be tamed?  So many questions that can't be answered when one skims across the surface of a country.

We visited one of these places, and visited one similar to the other.

I've no idea who this man is - he's Australian, seems to spend time in India and Asia, has a very accurate view of things, cares but won't be conned.  And he's just done my head in, to use a terrible colloquial term.

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