Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vietnam - day 4 - Cai Be to Vinh Long

Life on the riverside looks interesting - shopping certainly could be easier than here.  The products on sale are not unusual - what is is the manner of shopping. Every part of the transaction takes place on water - stallholders sell from their boats, hanging out tasting samples from poles, and displaying their product(s) from the top of a large pole.
The eye on the boat's prow is there to keep away evil.
Difficult to see - but there's a cockerel on the roof.

This little piggy went to market ...

And for contrast - this is the French Gothic Cathedral in Cai Be.

Not only did we learn how to make rice paper, we also observed salt, snake wine and candy making.  Like rice paper making, salt and candy also require a lot of heat.

Coconut candy and pop-rice making was more fun to watch - although the guys mixing the pop-rice were obviously tired of being the object of attention from tourists and did all they could to prevent me taking photos.  I can understand their irritation, but they were being paid to model their skills!

And then it was time to visit Vinh Long City, situated on the Cu Chien River (one of the branches of the Mekong Delta). And another market.
Rambutan glowed everywhere 


Lady wearing bicycle helmet ???

Wish I could remember what this is.

Housing is tight - but this tight???  How did the tree get there?

Spiky orange egg or gac or guc fruit (Momordica Cochinchinensis)

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