Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tidbits - small and particularly interesting items of gossip or information

Growing bulbs in a cool climate

Rooting roses - great how-to and a reminder not to yank those cuttings out for a look at the roots (thanks to Kerry  )

There goes the diet - don't these cinnamon rolls look delicious?

David Perry photographing tiny wildflowers

Many years ago I made a special trip to visit the Prieure Notre-Dame D'Orsan - looks like they've found time to update their website and make contact with those who've shown interest over time.  It's the most gorgeous place to visit - staying would be heaven.

This is on the to-do list - rhubarb and ginger cake

Baking baguettes: the movie

The amazing and eclectic presentations of La Boite Verte  - subtitled (a blog of photography, technology, geeks, design, art, science, videos ....)

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