Monday, March 14, 2011

Autumn generosity

We are experiencing the best autumn - cool sunny warm days with green green everywhere - it's ages since there's been green at the end of summer.

The damson plums are falling, so now it's time to consider the outcome: 6 kg - frozen, stewed, jam ... ?

The strange weather pattern has brought forward by about two months the growth of lacterius deliciosus (otherwise known as Saffron milk caps), found in the surrounding pine plantations. So off we go to forage.  Surprisingly there's lots of yellow fungi, white wonders, Saffron milk caps, the odd boletus but no amanita muscaria - their gorgeously dangerous presence on roadsides is usually the signal that edible fungi are there for the finding.

When cut, they leave hands, chopping board and knife bright orange. So I boiled up a couple for dye liquor - which was so washed out it's unlikely to leave any impression on the silk soaking/solarising in the solution.  We'll see.

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