Saturday, December 24, 2011

The most delicious mayonnaise

Success!  The olive oil had way too much character - peanut oil is the perfect hidden secret.

Sort of recipe:
1 egg yolk
pinch of salt
grind of pepper
teaspoon of mustard (your preference)
peanut or sunflower oil (or olive oil if you'd rather - but make sure it is so light you can scarcely taste it)

Wack in the processor and pulse for a few seconds
Keeping the processor running, drizzle oil very slowly into the mix and keep drizzling until you have a gorgeous unctuous mix
Taste - very important part of the process.
Squeeze lemon juice to taste

Cover everything in sight with mayo as you celebrate the success of this condiment!
See the lumpy yellow bits? That's preserved lime - which was delicious by itself!

These beautiful little glass jars were found on photo stylist Paula Walter's etsy shop.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Stealing from another

I enjoy reading Hector Garcia's tales of a Spaniard in Japan  Have got a little behind with reading my favorite blogs and have just caught up with this entry - the story of the annual selection of the one kanji character that represents the society's sentiment about the past year.  The most voted character this year has been "kizuna" 絆 (きずな) which means bonds - the bonds that tie people. And for 2011 it was chosen to represent the unity of Japan and its friends following the terrible events of March and their aftermath.

Not only have I stolen his story, I've also stolen his pic - to share with you.


Today Hector has a wonderful story on what flavoured Kit Kats can be bought where in Japan - check it out.

Thanks Hector!