Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spring is sprunging

These two are in strife - despite the breeder's protestations that they will NEVER pick buds/fruit - they have (b)eaten the daylights out of the goji berry plant and were caught today having a gay old time pecking the beautiful new buds on the evergreen blueberries.  Here we go again - fencing within fencing!  Despite the destruction, they are very funny.  I run yelling at them, they run away, wait 30 seconds and head back to whatever they were doing - you can see them smirking.

The intense pink is a beautiful sight.

Quinces were the first trees to bud.

Preparing the asparagus bed.  The plants are two years old and are Mary Washingtons (a standard variety, I read).

One of two spears already evident (the image of the other would probably be termed x-rated!)

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