Thursday, September 2, 2010


Japan, this summer has been experiencing massive heat and high humidity.  And I know because?  Because I've just returned from there. Except for the 29C overnight, 34-38C daytime, 50%+ humidity it was a very pleasant time.  Not as pleasant as spring 2008 - but then that was a special sakura time - cool and colorful.

We were in Obu to help celebrate the City of Obu's 40th anniversary. The City of Port Philip is Obu's sister city.  Days were spent exploring the town and its facilities - Ishegase Elementary School, Obu Fire Department, Enmeiji Temple ....

We stayed with host families - and that was great fun. Being a part of the family and joining in their activities.  I got to participate in two birthday parties - Momoko and Hinako have just turned 14.  They were born within days of each other and have been friends all their lives.

Recycling is in - for my host family, anyway.  Here are the girls making origami paper "boxes" from a old calendar.

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