Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Waiting for spring

This is an interesting time of the year.  Pruning SHOULD have been finished, so that cuts aren't exposed to too much moisture.  Actually there's still half the blueberry orchard waiting for its turn under the pruning saw and secateurs.  Three new cherry trees have been planted - Bing, Blackboy and Van; all delicious sweet cherries and all very different. The grass is growing lushly; fat buds are forming on trees - but it's bitterly cold, starting the day around 1C and rising to 10C, so seedlings and seeds can't be planted yet.

And the biggest worry?  The GF have been caught picking the leaf buds from the goji berry. Are the blueberry plants in danger?  Hopefully the goji was under attack only because it is near the girls'  "rest" corner and feed station.

They roost in the leafless pear tree - I await with glee the outcome when the tree leafs up and it's no longer easy to climb to the top branches! Angela on the left, Eloise on the right.  They were so annoyed at having their photo taken that they flew down and browsed for a while, waiting for me to go away - before climbing back into the tree.  And in a curious way, they do climb.  They fly to the fork very bottom right of the pic, then bounce up to the chosen branch.

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