Saturday, June 19, 2010


The day in Split was spent in and around the Palace of Diocletian, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, completed in 305AD by Roman Emperor Diocletian as a retirement residence.  The walls of the Palace are so thick/wide that there are apartments build into them.  Apparently 20 years ago these apartments could be purchased for minute amounts; these days they go - if they go - for upwards of millions of euros.  Of course, two or three decades ago no-one had the money to buy so the prices were rhetorical.
Ship to shore

A small retirement village

Walls of Diocletian Palace - with upper and lower additions

Split Riviera

Living proof that people live in the walls!

Garden in a wall

Garden decor

Capers grow on many high places in Europe

Restaurant seating

The official swimming place

Uni students take summer jobs as traffic controllers in areas such as ferry ports.

Waiting to catch the weekend ferry - in front of our ship

Do we think rodents are scared of this cat?

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