Monday, December 28, 2009

The garden

Blackberries ripening. They've been netted to prevent avian interlopers.

Since the orchard has been securely netted, for the first time in years there are no birds inside. Which has led to a slight upset to the balance of nature - insects are proliferating: gorgeously marked spiders, earwigs, cabbage moths. Cherry slug is under control though.

This morning a kookaburra became caught between the rabbit proof fence and the netting. When released it flew into a huge eucalypt nearby - kookaburras from all over the place flew in, and there was much noise welcoming and consoling - a kookaphony?

Have just discovered this rose. It's in the pump house bed, where there are many very old roses. It's hard to tell if they are on root stock, but they are in poor condition, so I'm tempted to try and propagate as they all have beautiful scents.

The kitchen garden - a haven for rabbits! Unfortunately.

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